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The Elite Excellence Award

In order to foster the growth and development of new champion stars within our club, we have implemented a revised approach to awarding the title of champion.

Previously, individuals who won three times in each category would automatically be awarded the coveted champion status. However, we believe that this system may inadvertently discourage other talented players from emerging and reaching their full potential.

With the aim of promoting a more inclusive and competitive environment, we have decided to make a change. Going forward, winning three times in each category will no longer automatically grant the title of champion based on high scores alone.

This adjustment allows for a greater emphasis on encouraging rising stars to showcase their skills and rise to the forefront of our club. Nevertheless, we still highly value the accomplishments of those who have attained the three-time champion status. We want to assure them that their achievements are recognized and respected within our community.

As such, they are still welcome to participate in our tournaments and contribute their points to our rising stars chart. By participating in tournaments and adding their points to our rising stars chart, these three-time champions have the opportunity to qualify for our quarterly prizes.

These prizes are awarded to the top 5 scorers, providing an additional incentive for all players, including the established champions, to continue striving for excellence.

Overall, our objective is to create an environment that fosters healthy competition, encourages the emergence of new talent, and recognizes the achievements of all players, regardless of their past successes. We believe that this approach will not only enhance the overall competitiveness of our club but also provide a platform for rising stars to shine and be rewarded for their efforts.

Battle of the Champ

Title : Battle of the Champ - Chess Championship

Event : Year End 2024

Qualifier : Top 5 Champions of monthly competition

Location : TBA

Join us for an exhilarating chess event, the Battle of the Champ - Chess Championship, taking place at the end of the year in 2024. This prestigious tournament will bring together the crème de la crème of chess players, showcasing their strategic prowess and competing for the ultimate title of champion.

To qualify for this extraordinary event, we will be selecting the top 5 champions from our monthly competitions throughout the year. These fierce competitors have proven their skills and earned their spot to battle it out on the chessboard in this epic showdown.

The location for this momentous event is yet to be announced, but rest assured, it will be a venue befitting the grandeur and intensity of the championship. Keep an eye out for updates as we unveil the exciting details. Whether you are a seasoned chess player or an aspiring grandmaster, the Battle of the Champ - Chess Championship promises an unforgettable experience.

Witness the clash of brilliant minds, the strategic maneuvers, and the thrill of victory as these exceptional players compete for glory. Mark your calendars and prepare for an extraordinary event that will captivate chess enthusiasts and inspire the next generation of champions.

Stay tuned for more information on this highly anticipated tournament and get ready to witness the Battle of the Champ - Chess Championship in 2024!

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